FlightTrack Pro & TripIt: A Match Made in Heaven

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Do you travel frequently? If you’re answer is no, then you may not be interested in this post. But if you’re answer is yes, then let me rock your world :-) . When bouncing from airport to airport, sometimes on different carriers, it can be tough to keep up to date on flight delays, gate numbers, etc. FlightTrack Pro from Mobiata gives a great interface for tracking ALL of your flight information. Combine it with TripIt and you get all of your flight info automatically entered. Read on to hear how! Read the rest of this entry »

Bye bye, Clear Pass – Clear to Cease Operations

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Done any traveling over the past year or so? If so, you may have seen little blue kiosks near security at some major airports. These clear lanes offered a way for “pre-screened” customers to get priority boarding. The product was flawed from the start. As a platinum member, Marriott gave me a year of free Clear access in 2008 so I was able to try it out. I got my fingerprints and retina scanned, got a little card, and that let me skip the airport security line. The problem with this product is that it was targeted at frequent fliers. Frequent fliers already have access to priority security lines. Was Clear faster? Sure. Was it a lot faster? Nope. It allowed me to shave ten minutes off my commute. When the time came to pay the $140 (actually i think they raised their prices and it might have recently been more), I decided not to pay. Clearly (no pun intended), most of the other frequent fliers made the same choice. Bye bye, Clear. You will be missed. Good riddance.