I just ordered my TiVo Premiere XL! ~ TiVo Gives Existing Users Good Deals

Posted by Kevin Hanson | Posted in Technology, TiVo | Posted on 03-03-2010-05-2008


Picture courtesy of TiVo.com

I recently posted that one of my bigger disappointments of CES 2010 was TiVo’s lack of announcements. It appears that TiVo didn’t want to share the spotlight with other electronics manufacturers, and yesterday they released the TiVo Premiere and TiVo Premiere XL. I won’t go through all the details here, but you can find plenty of info here, here, here, and here. I’m a diehard TiVo snob so I ordered one right away! TiVo offers some great deals for existing users. If you have a lifetime service on one of your DVRs, you can get a $200 discount on the lifetime service from TiVo for the new box. Click “Read More” to see screenshots of what they’re offering. The new DVRs will be shipping in early April, and I’ll be SURE to post my impressions once it arrives!

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My Top Two Disappointments from CES 2010: Sling Media and TiVo

Posted by Kevin Hanson | Posted in Technology, TiVo | Posted on 15-01-2010-05-2008


CES has come and gone. The two dominating themes of this year’s show appear to be tablets and 3D televisions. I am interested in neither. Unless Steve Jobs shows me something amazing in two weeks, I don’t see the need for a tablet in my life. Not one bit. And I have ZERO desire to put on 3D glasses just to watch Modern Family or the Lakers beating pretty much anyone. However, I DO have the desire to have an updated HD TiVo. I have a TiVo HD with a 1TB hard drive upgrade, and while it works great, I really wish it did a better job of integrating internet media. There were leaks of a TiVo Premiere, and I really thought CES would be the time and place for TiVo to introduce a new line of DVRs. Oh well. I’m a sad Panda. And as for Sling, I would have loved to see some innovation on the consumer end of things. Show us a Slingcatcher that ACTUALLY can sling HD. Show us a better iPhone client. Just give us something cooler than all of the boring OEM crap you released! So anyhow, big lumps of coal for TiVo and Sling Media. I was hoping to see neat products from both!