Howto: Building a Squeezebox Server for under $100… Yes, it can be done…

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When was the last time you bought a CD? For me, it was back in college. I bought the Chris Brown CD, and it is still in my car CD player today. And no… i’m not addicted. Rather, my car’s stereo hasn’t been set to CD mode since then. I use my iPod through the auxiliary port input on the head unit. It can often times be difficult to get digital music anywhere besides a PC and an iPod, and many companies have stepped up to the plate to solve this solution. Getting music to play around the house is an issue. For a dorm room, you only need a single computer. For a household, you need multiple speakers in multiple rooms. Sonos, Logitech, Apple, and many others have been battling it out to come up with the perfect solution. After careful research, I decided to go with Logitech’s Squeezebox line of products. Like most “digital living room” products, you need a server of some sort to power it all. This is where things start to get expensive. So I set out to create a Squeezebox Server for under $100, and I was successful! Read on to find out how I did it. Read the rest of this entry »

$100 Squeezebox Server – Can it be done?

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I have always been intrigued with getting some sort of networked music playing system in my house. Sonos looked great, but it was always too pricey. I really liked the open source DIY nature of Squeezebox Players and Squeezebox Server, but I figured that building a server in addition to buying all of the players would be too pricey. The Logitech Squeezebox Radio was recently announced, however, and I REALLY wanted it. So… I ordered it. :-) . I am on a mission to build a Squeezebox Server for $100 or less. I’m going to be doing a few posts about the parts I chose, how I’m configuring everything, and whether or not I’m successful or not. I think there’s a chance I may have to buy more expensive hardware, but I’m doing my best to get this done for less than $100! Read on to see my parts list and how I’m thinking i can configure this thing up…

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