A Quick Look at the Facebook Integration of PS3 Software Update 3.10

Posted by Kevin Hanson | Posted in Gaming, Technology | Posted on 19-11-2009-05-2008



Yesterday Sony released version 3.10 of the PS3 software. I’ve downloaded, updated, and here are the results! It’s very simple to add your facebook account to the PS3. You go to the Account Information page, and you enter your username and password, and you’re good to go. Screenshots of the PS3 and of the facebook status updates after the break! Read the rest of this entry »

Modnation Racers – Most Underrated E3 Game (PS3)

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There were a lot of great games announced this past year’s E3, but one of the games I was most excited about really didn’t get that much press. That game is Modnation Racers for the PS3. To get an idea about this game, picture the cute characters and addicting gameplay of Mario Kart. Then cross that with the complete customizability of LittleBigPlanet. You get Modnation Racers. They showed a demo (video after the break), and the track creator really looks amazing. You get a blank slate of land resembling the start of a sim city. Then you adjust the terrain, water levels, etc. Then you use the track tool to make whatever kind of wacky track you want. Afterwards, you customize it with scenery. It looked INCREDIBLY deep, and I was very impressed. You can also customize your characters. There will be a large social networking component to the game so we can all share tracks with each other. As far as gameplay, it really reminds me of old Mario Kart. The newer versions of Mario Kart have a cheapened feel so that anyone can play, but the real challenge is gone. Plus, I HATE how if you’re in last place, they make your kart go much faster, just to even out the game. Modnation Racers really looks like one to watch.

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