No Hybrid SLI for Macbook Pros in Snow Leopard?

Posted by Kevin Hanson | Posted in Apple, Technology | Posted on 11-06-2009-05-2008


hybrid-sli-roundedAfter some reflection on the WWDC keynote, I couldn’t be happier about the release of Mac OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard. From the early impressions of the pre-release they gave out at the show, it appears that everyone is seeing very nice performance increases across the board. Upgrading to Snow Leopard will be a fresh of breath air to all macs (Intel only). And to make matters even better, they priced this so low that there really should be no excuse for any Leopard owner to not upgrade!

However, one thing that really bums me out is the lack of any mention of Hybrid SLI. Hybrid SLI is an nVidia technology that allows the discrete graphics card on the motherboard to pair up with the integrated graphics chip at the same time, giving a big boost over using just one or the other. With the new Macbook Pro lineup announced by Apple, half of their Pro laptops have two graphics chips in them at the same time (the integrated 9400M as well as the 9600M GT). The integrated chip is designed for those who care more about battery life than performance, and the 9600M GT is for gaming. Not only do you have to log out of the system to switch between these two chips (at least you did in Leopard – no word about Snow Leopard yet), but you also lack the ability to run them together in Hybrid SLI mode. Windows users can do this! Why can’t we? The performance gains are quite significant and the hardware is there to do it! If Apple snuck this in, then I have no idea why they didn’t mention it at the Keynote… Bummer… Hopefully they can add it in 10.6.1….