Is my iPhone 3G Phase-out Prediction Coming True? Engadget Thinks so….

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phone-png-99When the iPhone 3GS was first announced, Apple said that they would be offering the iPhone 3G at a $99 price point. I predicted that this wouldn’t last. It just doesn’t make sense for Apple to manufacture two different versions of the same phone. Will I end up being right? Engadget thinks so!

The iPhone 3G OS 3.0 Unlock has Arrived – ultrasn0w

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ultrasn0w is here! Time to unlock that iPhone 3G! The process is extremely simple.

  1. Update your iPhone 3G to OS 3.0
  2. Use PwnageTool to Jailbreak it and install Cydia
  3. Add to Cydia
  4. Install ultrasn0w
  5. Reboot

Enjoy! If you are a T-Mobile USA user, be sure to turn off 3G before updating!

iPhone 3G OS 3.0 is now pwned! – Jailbreak released

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Thanks, Dev Team! The jailbreak for the iPhone 3G OS 3.0 is now out. Go get the goodness here! Note: I’m not yet upgrading my iPhone 3G. I’m upgrading to the iPhone 3G S so this phone will be given to my brother, a T-Mobile user. For it to work on T-Mobile, we need the unlock (ultrasn0w) to be released. Word is that this will be released in the very near future! I will detail the whole unlocking process here on the site when it’s released.

utrasn0w – Here comes the iPhone 3G Unlock for OS 3.0

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Thank the lord for the iPhone Dev Team! Tonight they uploaded a video demonstration of an iPhone 3G running unlocked and jailbroken (video after the break). I currently run an unlocked and jailbroken iPhone 3G and I’m very much looking forward to the newest release with OS 3.0 compatibility. I’ll be getting an iPhone 3G S this weekend, and I’ll be giving the unlocked iPhone 3G to my brother for use with T-Mobile. Be sure to check back later this weekend for pics (and perhaps video) about the process and how it all works!

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iPhone 3G at $99 – How Long Will it Last?

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phone-png-99Yesterday, Apple announced the iPhone 3GS. It looks exactly the same as the iPhone 3G, but the guts have been overhauled to make it twice as fast in nearly all respects. Interestingly, Apple is keeping the original iPhone 3G around at the $99 price. Pundits are saying that this is a huge move by Apple to attack the low end of the market. Is it really? If you check Apple’s website, you need to dig around to find the product page for the original iPhone 3G. It’s not very prominently featured. I believe they are just selling this until they run out inventory or until a couple manufacturing contracts expire. Once the inventory dries up, perhaps after the holiday season, I’m guessing the only option will be an iPhone 3G S until WWDC 2010. Apple doesn’t want to play in the $99 space any longer than they need to. What do you think? Am I right or wrong? Leave a comment!