Quick Benchmarks of Google Public DNS v. My Default Comcast Settings: I’m Switching Back

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Today Google announced Public DNS. The aim is to speed up your connection speeds and security. Lifehacker reported on it earlier today. The idea is to replace the DNS server your router uses (typically provided by default from your ISP) with a “Google Public DNS.” I decided to put their speed tests to work. Read on to see my results. Read the rest of this entry »

Google Voice – My Impressions of the Product and the iPhone Fiasco

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IMG_0111I got my Google Voice invite a couple weeks ago. Since then, I’ve had some time to play with it. To make matters more interesting, there was a Google Mobile iPhone app released! To make things even more interesting, Apple yanked the app from the App Store (apparently at AT&T’s request). And to make things even more interesting, the developer re-released the app via Cydia (the application installer for jailbroken iPhones)! I’m happy to have GV Mobile on my jailbroken iPhone right now so read on for my thoughts about the Google Voice service as well as the experience on the iPhone.

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Google Voice Invites Finally Sent Out!

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Picture 6

Time to give this a try!

Google Chrome OS / Android… Nobody is Asking the Right Questions

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On July 8, 2009, Google announced that they would be entering the Operating System space with their own product, Chrome OS. This will be designed primarily for netbooks. Unfortunately for Google, this is a fairly crowded space. They have Windows XP, Windows 7, Ubuntu Netbook Remix, Intel Moblin, and a whole bunch of other operating systems to compete with. So they’re jumping into a crowded market. Let’s just say they succeed. Let’s say they grab 50% of all netbook marketshare. Great! Now… they make money off this how?? Am I missing something here? Same with Android! When Android was first released, I thought locally targeted advertising would be forced down the user’s throat. Instead, there’s no locally targeted advertising – just a mediocre UI. We have to imagine that a significant amount of developers are working on both Chrome OS and Android. Both operating systems have a long battle to fight. If either of them prevail, how does Google win? I am VERY surprised Google shareholders aren’t pissed off about this lack of direction. SHOW ME THE MONEY!