FINALLY! A dual core Atom Netbook?

Posted by Kevin Hanson | Posted in Misc, Technology | Posted on 15-06-2009-05-2008



Well lookie lookie here. That’s the first dual core Atom 330 based netbook I’ve seen yet. Thanks to for the heads up. Netbooks have become quite popular, and my personal favorite is the Asus Eee PC 1000HE. Ubuntu Netbook Remix makes a great fit for it, but if I had one complaint about the netbook, it would be that it bogs down during multitasking. It’s a great music player, video viewer, web browser, word processor, etc. Try to do three of those at once and you have a problem. That’s where the Atom 330 should help out. Packing twice as many cores as the N270 / N280, these should really help to blur the line between netbook and notebook. Initial thoughts are that this thing is speedy! Judging from the language on the link, I doubt this netbook will come stateside any time soon, but keep your eyes open for a mainstream computer maker to produce one of these in the near future.