Why I Jailbreak my iPhone: The Top 10 Jailbroken Utilities & Apps

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I’ll be the first one to admit it – the reason to jailbreak your iPhone is at an all time low. If we look back a few years, we all had iPhones with no applications except for the default set, no chance of using video streaming or VoIP applications, and we had a 10MB cap for downloading applications over the cell connection. We live in a different world now. Our phones are chock full with 3rd party applications. We can use VoIP applications and Slingplayer over 3G connections. The download cap has been raised up to 20MB for applications. Things are looking rosier and rosier. However, all is not perfect in Apple land. Read on to hear about my top ten favorite jailbroken iPhone utilities and applications. BTW, Big shout out to the iPhone Dev Team for making it all possible.

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BEWARE: Fake MacBook Pro Batteries on eBay Posing as “GENUINE”

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Call me a sucker. If people are going to sell “Prada” but have the logo actually say “Praba” up close, that’s fine. I really get pissed when I buy something that I am told is genuine by a reputable seller on eBay, only to have a total piece of crap show up. My MacBook Pro battery only lasts for about 30 minutes, and OS X is telling me to replace it. Apple charges way too much for their batteries so I didn’t want to buy from them. Fastmac makes a battery that I have heard decent things about, and it sells for $80. But I found the GENUINE battery on eBay for only $60 so I went with that one. I wish I would have gone with the Fastmac. First off, it’s a knockoff. Take a look at the fonts in the picture above. The fake is on the right. You can really tell in the word “Mercury” that it’s not an original Apple battery. On top of that, it doesn’t even fit right! Take a look at the pic below.

batfitNotice how the battery doesn’t even fit right in the slot! What a waste of $60… At least say the product is “similar to a real apple battery” or “pretty much sorta will fit in your laptop.” Marketing it as GENUINE really is a screw. I actually paid more for this battery over similar batteries on eBay that were not claiming to be authentic. In my case, the seller was plugplayers. Avoid at all costs.

Did Apple drop support for WDS in its most recent Airport Extreme?

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I run a WDS network at home, instead of using Apple’s default “Extend a Wireless Network” options. The reason for this is because I can very specifically define which relays connect to which base stations. If I use Apple’s default options, I often have the case where the third router in a hop tries to connect to the first, bypassing the second, and giving poor throughput. WDS solves this by letting me use MAC Addresses to specifically say which device connects to which. I purchased one of the newer Airport Extremes this week, hoping to extend the range of one of the devices, but to my surprise, the option for participating in a WDS network is no longer there! This is pretty obnoxious… Can someone please tell me I’m totally missing something? If so, it would be worth looking a bit stupid in order to get my network back up and running! Otherwise, I’ll have to take this thing back to the Apple store and buy a Netgear router or something like that.

Is my iPhone 3G Phase-out Prediction Coming True? Engadget Thinks so….

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phone-png-99When the iPhone 3GS was first announced, Apple said that they would be offering the iPhone 3G at a $99 price point. I predicted that this wouldn’t last. It just doesn’t make sense for Apple to manufacture two different versions of the same phone. Will I end up being right? Engadget thinks so!

KRON 4 San Francisco Camera Crew Outside Apple Store Trying to Make a Big Deal of iPhone Virus… er… SMS Exploit

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So I was at the Apple Store on Chestnut Street yesterday to buy a Time Capsule and Airport Express. As I walked outside of the store, a man with a camera stopped me and asked me if I was an iPhone user (turns out he was from KRON 4). While I normally don’t stop to entertain random people on the street, I was intrigued about where he might go with this. I said, “Yeah I’m an iPhone user.” His response: “Did you hear about that new iPhone virus that’s supposed to be unleashed today – how does that make you feel?” I said, “Oh I think you’re talking about the SMS exploit. Yeah I think some researchers are going to explain how to do it today.” He fished on further and responded, “How does it make you feel that ANYONE could just TAKE OVER YOUR IPHONE with a TEXT MESSAGE?” I was like, “Um… well, it’s just a security hole that a researcher discovered. This happens a lot with all operating systems and usually the companies issue fixes pretty quickly.” He retorted, “There has been zero response from Apple and this is going to be a huge deal.” I said, “Okay.” He asked me if I wanted to share my feelings on camera – I said no and walked away. Anyhow, it’s pretty annoying how much the media will try and twist reality just to get some idiot on camera to say something ridiculous. More pics after the break.


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Google Voice – My Impressions of the Product and the iPhone Fiasco

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IMG_0111I got my Google Voice invite a couple weeks ago. Since then, I’ve had some time to play with it. To make matters more interesting, there was a Google Mobile iPhone app released! To make things even more interesting, Apple yanked the app from the App Store (apparently at AT&T’s request). And to make things even more interesting, the developer re-released the app via Cydia (the application installer for jailbroken iPhones)! I’m happy to have GV Mobile on my jailbroken iPhone right now so read on for my thoughts about the Google Voice service as well as the experience on the iPhone.

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Intel Arrandale CPUs to Launch in 1Q10 – Here Come the New Macbook CPUs

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intelThanks to Tech Report for the update. DigiTimes reports that Intel is gearing up to release up to seven Arrandale CPUs in the first quarter of 2010. The great news is that these chips are coming – the bad news is that they’re not coming until 1Q10. Initially, there were rumors that these CPUs would squeak into 2009. Apple is expected to use these chips in their MacBook & MacBook Pro line.

These chips are based on Intel’s newer, smaller 34nm build process. Currently, Intel’s Penryn Core 2 Duo chips use a 45nm build process. The smaller process should yield lower power usage and less heat output. Furthermore, these chips have integrated graphics processors. It will be interesting to see what Apple does with the integrated graphics chip, given the interesting legal battles between Intel and nVidia. Theses future-MacBook CPUs will be launced at 2.4, 2.53, and 2.66ghz. I’m holding off upgrading my MacBook Pro until I can get one with these CPUs.

Palm re-enables iTunes Sync – But what’s the point?

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PREThe Palm Pre was released with the ability to sync with iTunes. It did so by pretending to be an iPod. Apple released iTunes 8.2.1, and the Palm Pre could no longer sync with it. Last night, Palm released a WebOS 1.1 update. Now iTunes syncing is back.

Okay so I really don’t want to delve into what is morally or legally right here. I don’t really care. I just don’t understand what Palm is trying to do.

iTunes now sells only DRM-free music. Therefore, any of the music in iTunes can be put on any device. Furthermore, the MP3 / AAC files are organized neatly into a folder structure and they have tags integrated in all the files with track information. Why doesn’t Palm just do what Nokia did and create a little media sync application. Let the user use iTunes, but let them sync their music in a completely legal, non-workaroundy way. This would let users put their music on the device, would keep Apple from filing any lawsuits (and with all those former iPod engineers on the Palm team now, I don’t think that’s far-fetched), and everyone would be happy. Just my 2 cents.

Notes & Commentary from Apple’s 3Q09 Conference Call

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AppleLogoApple released their 3Q09 Quarterly results just now. I’m not going to post any of the boring press release details. You can read that here. However, I’m listening to their conference call right now, and I’ll post any interesting tidbits below. Click to continue reading!

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iPhone 3G OS 3.0 is now pwned! – Jailbreak released

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Picture 1

Thanks, Dev Team! The jailbreak for the iPhone 3G OS 3.0 is now out. Go get the goodness here! Note: I’m not yet upgrading my iPhone 3G. I’m upgrading to the iPhone 3G S so this phone will be given to my brother, a T-Mobile user. For it to work on T-Mobile, we need the unlock (ultrasn0w) to be released. Word is that this will be released in the very near future! I will detail the whole unlocking process here on the site when it’s released.