The End of

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Not the end… just… a split! Still 100% Original Content.

I started this blog with no real intent. I just wanted to start a blog. Then as time went on, I realized I had two things I liked to blog about: technology and travel. And while I’m sure there are a handful of users out there who are passionate about both topics, like I am, Google has not been able to find enough for me :-) . So… I’ve decided to try something new! I’ve migrated all of my travel posts over to UPGRD! UPGRD is a network of bloggers / podcasters, and I’m now the author of the Cloud Commuting blog over there. Go check it out! What about the tech posts? Well… for now.. they’ll stay here! However, I just purchased a new domain, I’m going to build a site there for me to put all of my nerdy posts up that some people seem to love. With both of these sites, I’m going to adhere to one of my principals I used when starting this site: 100% Original Content. I’m not going to go the engadget style, as useful as it may be, of just linking to other posts and generating traffic for myself. I’ll do my best to add my own articles, blog posts, and other miscellaneous content pieces my own. Thanks to all! As of now, the individual travel posts already redirect to Cloud Commuting. I have no timeframe for getting NotQuiteMainstream up, but when I do, the tech posts will redirect to there.

Beware of the Sheevaplug & Globalscale Technologies: Fried Power Supplies

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I’ve written a few articles about my Sheevaplug and how great I think it is. It’s a fantastic $99 ARM server. Just add a USB hard drive, and you’re good to go! However, it looks like the power supplies are almost all universally bad. Check the Plug Forums link here. More and more of these things are frying. I thought it was just a few faulty units, but one day, I could no longer SSH into my server. I opened it up, and I noticed that my power supply was fried as well. Also, Global Scale Technologies, the primary seller of the Sheevaplug, isn’t giving any RMA #s outside of a 30 day warranty. So we’re all screwed and out $100. To make matters worse, it looks like the recently shipping Guruplug is having issues as well! As much as I love this small ARM-based platform, it’s really making me consider moving to something like the Artigo A1100! Buyer beware!

I just ordered my TiVo Premiere XL! ~ TiVo Gives Existing Users Good Deals

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I recently posted that one of my bigger disappointments of CES 2010 was TiVo’s lack of announcements. It appears that TiVo didn’t want to share the spotlight with other electronics manufacturers, and yesterday they released the TiVo Premiere and TiVo Premiere XL. I won’t go through all the details here, but you can find plenty of info here, here, here, and here. I’m a diehard TiVo snob so I ordered one right away! TiVo offers some great deals for existing users. If you have a lifetime service on one of your DVRs, you can get a $200 discount on the lifetime service from TiVo for the new box. Click “Read More” to see screenshots of what they’re offering. The new DVRs will be shipping in early April, and I’ll be SURE to post my impressions once it arrives!

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Why I Jailbreak my iPhone: The Top 10 Jailbroken Utilities & Apps

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I’ll be the first one to admit it – the reason to jailbreak your iPhone is at an all time low. If we look back a few years, we all had iPhones with no applications except for the default set, no chance of using video streaming or VoIP applications, and we had a 10MB cap for downloading applications over the cell connection. We live in a different world now. Our phones are chock full with 3rd party applications. We can use VoIP applications and Slingplayer over 3G connections. The download cap has been raised up to 20MB for applications. Things are looking rosier and rosier. However, all is not perfect in Apple land. Read on to hear about my top ten favorite jailbroken iPhone utilities and applications. BTW, Big shout out to the iPhone Dev Team for making it all possible.

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FlightTrack Pro & TripIt: A Match Made in Heaven

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Do you travel frequently? If you’re answer is no, then you may not be interested in this post. But if you’re answer is yes, then let me rock your world :-) . When bouncing from airport to airport, sometimes on different carriers, it can be tough to keep up to date on flight delays, gate numbers, etc. FlightTrack Pro from Mobiata gives a great interface for tracking ALL of your flight information. Combine it with TripIt and you get all of your flight info automatically entered. Read on to hear how! Read the rest of this entry »

I beat Geo-Defense!

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Just a quick post to brag that I beat Geo-Defense! This is a really great game for the iPhone, and I bought it when it went on sale a couple weeks ago. Posted a pic of my scores for the last of the hardest levels to prove it. It was a VERY challenging game. Time to delete it and move onto the next!

Quick Guide: Installing VMware Tools with Fedora 12

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After installing Fedora 12 on a new virtual machine with VMware (I use Fusion on the Mac), the first thing you’ll likely want to do is install VMware tools. You need to install a few packages in order to make the installation seamless, however. There are countless posts around the internet with people looking for help with this. Here’s a quick 15 step guide to getting up and running.

  1. Download Fedora 12.
  2. Install the OS.
  3. Boot up the virtual machine.
  4. Open up the Terminal.
  5. Run “su” and type your root password to gain administrative control.
  6. Run “yum update” to update all the packages to the newest version.
  7. Reboot.
  8. Open up the Terminal.
  9. Run “yum install kernel-devel kernel-headers gcc mkinitrd”
  10. Reboot.
  11. Click the menu option in your VMware application to install VMware tools. This should put a compressed folder on the desktop.
  12. Expand the zip file and using the terminal, navigate into the newly created directory.
  13. As the root user, type “./”
  14. When it asks you questions and prompts you for a response, just hit enter. Everything should be properly configured at this point.
  15. Reboot when the script finishes. That’s it!

Once the machine reboots, you should be able to immediately play with some of the more useful features of vmware-tools. For example, you’ll notice that if you drag the edges of the window to resize it, the resolution of the Guest OS will automatically adjust on the fly. If you drag files from your Host OS into the window of the desktop OS, they will copy over. Additionally, you should be able to copy and paste between the two systems. Enjoy!

My Top Two Disappointments from CES 2010: Sling Media and TiVo

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CES has come and gone. The two dominating themes of this year’s show appear to be tablets and 3D televisions. I am interested in neither. Unless Steve Jobs shows me something amazing in two weeks, I don’t see the need for a tablet in my life. Not one bit. And I have ZERO desire to put on 3D glasses just to watch Modern Family or the Lakers beating pretty much anyone. However, I DO have the desire to have an updated HD TiVo. I have a TiVo HD with a 1TB hard drive upgrade, and while it works great, I really wish it did a better job of integrating internet media. There were leaks of a TiVo Premiere, and I really thought CES would be the time and place for TiVo to introduce a new line of DVRs. Oh well. I’m a sad Panda. And as for Sling, I would have loved to see some innovation on the consumer end of things. Show us a Slingcatcher that ACTUALLY can sling HD. Show us a better iPhone client. Just give us something cooler than all of the boring OEM crap you released! So anyhow, big lumps of coal for TiVo and Sling Media. I was hoping to see neat products from both!

Tonido: Sheevaplug Installation and First Impressions

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Keeping with the theme of recent Sheevaplug related articles, here’s a post about a new, interesting piece of software called Tonido. Tonido advertises itself as a “personal cloud,” allowing you to share all of your personal files to anywhere. It’s a software platform that you install on your own home server. Once you’ve installed the platform, you can run a plethora of applications, and they have an SDK, in hopes that others pick up and write their own apps for it as well. It’s cross-platform. You can install it on Linux, OS X, or Windows. Or if you want, you can even buy their own plug PC, the TonidoPlug. Read on to hear a bit about installation on my Sheevaplug and my first impressions of the software. Read the rest of this entry »

Marvell Presenting @ CES in January: 2GHZ in a Plug!

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Just a quick note to anyone who will be in Las Vegas for CES (wish I could be there!) in a couple weeks. There will be a Plug Computing Pavilion, likely to showcase all of the great things that people are doing with Plug PCs like the Sheevaplug, Tonidoplug, and Pogoplug. I really think that a Plug PC has the capability to take over the home server market. Two cool things that are happening…

  1. Marvell is going to be showing, in one way or another, a 2ghz plug! Right now the Sheevaplug runs at 1.2ghz. I’m fine with them leaving the RAM at 512MB, but it would be GREAT if they could bump the storage up to 1GB of internal flash.
  2. They’re running a competition right now to see who has the best idea for a killer “plug app.” I have a couple great ideas, and I’ll be sending one in!

If anyone is going to be at the Plug Computing Pavilion and would volunteer to send me pics to post, i would be MOST grateful! Leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail if you’ll be there.