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Not the end… just… a split! Still 100% Original Content.

I started this blog with no real intent. I just wanted to start a blog. Then as time went on, I realized I had two things I liked to blog about: technology and travel. And while I’m sure there are a handful of users out there who are passionate about both topics, like I am, Google has not been able to find enough for me :-) . So… I’ve decided to try something new! I’ve migrated all of my travel posts over to UPGRD! UPGRD is a network of bloggers / podcasters, and I’m now the author of the Cloud Commuting blog over there. Go check it out! What about the tech posts? Well… for now.. they’ll stay here! However, I just purchased a new domain, I’m going to build a site there for me to put all of my nerdy posts up that some people seem to love. With both of these sites, I’m going to adhere to one of my principals I used when starting this site: 100% Original Content. I’m not going to go the engadget style, as useful as it may be, of just linking to other posts and generating traffic for myself. I’ll do my best to add my own articles, blog posts, and other miscellaneous content pieces my own. Thanks to all! As of now, the individual travel posts already redirect to Cloud Commuting. I have no timeframe for getting NotQuiteMainstream up, but when I do, the tech posts will redirect to there.

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Hey Kevin – it was cool to see you pop up on upgrd recently. I also like the tech posts as do some of my co-workers here in the IS&T department (they aren’t that in to the travel though.) i think separation of the two topics was a good move.

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