BEWARE: Fake MacBook Pro Batteries on eBay Posing as “GENUINE”

Posted by Kevin Hanson | Posted in Apple, Technology | Posted on 17-12-2009-05-2008



Call me a sucker. If people are going to sell “Prada” but have the logo actually say “Praba” up close, that’s fine. I really get pissed when I buy something that I am told is genuine by a reputable seller on eBay, only to have a total piece of crap show up. My MacBook Pro battery only lasts for about 30 minutes, and OS X is telling me to replace it. Apple charges way too much for their batteries so I didn’t want to buy from them. Fastmac makes a battery that I have heard decent things about, and it sells for $80. But I found the GENUINE battery on eBay for only $60 so I went with that one. I wish I would have gone with the Fastmac. First off, it’s a knockoff. Take a look at the fonts in the picture above. The fake is on the right. You can really tell in the word “Mercury” that it’s not an original Apple battery. On top of that, it doesn’t even fit right! Take a look at the pic below.

batfitNotice how the battery doesn’t even fit right in the slot! What a waste of $60… At least say the product is “similar to a real apple battery” or “pretty much sorta will fit in your laptop.” Marketing it as GENUINE really is a screw. I actually paid more for this battery over similar batteries on eBay that were not claiming to be authentic. In my case, the seller was plugplayers. Avoid at all costs.

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I JUST RECEIVED ON FROM PLUGPLAYERS :( It is indeed totally fake! Did you get a refund?

The only way they would refund it to me is if I ship it all the way back to CHINA! That would end up costing 1/4 of the cost. It’s pretty ridiculous… I’m thinking about opening a paypal dispute or something like that…. what do you suggest?

Yup! Just bought a MacBook Pro battery here in the UK – with exactly the same issue!!
Pretty convincing fake!

Dude, that totally sucks. I just had the same thing happen but I’m actually in China for the time being so I have a bit of a different horror story from trying to return it.

Give it a read if you have a chance. I borrowed your second image, I hope that’s okay.

Same here. It was sold as a genuine Apple Product via a web company with a UK address. I have passed it to paypal, that’s what they are there for

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