I’m an Astronaut Again! (Flight Control for the iPhone)

Posted by Kevin Hanson | Posted in Apple, Gaming | Posted on 21-09-2009-05-2008



I thought I would just take a moment to brag :-) . Flight Control has sold over 1.5 million copies. In the only level that matters, the hardest one, the aircraft carrier, I’m back in the top ten all time scores! 463 planes landed ranks me as 8th best in the WORLD (username: spaceballl). Now that I’m there, I’m taking a break from Flight Control. My thumbs have landed enough planes, and I need to find a new time waster. I expect to be knocked out of the top ten in the near future, but I won’t fight the inevitable this time… I’ll just let it happen… At least I got back in the top ten one last time….


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