KRON 4 San Francisco Camera Crew Outside Apple Store Trying to Make a Big Deal of iPhone Virus… er… SMS Exploit

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So I was at the Apple Store on Chestnut Street yesterday to buy a Time Capsule and Airport Express. As I walked outside of the store, a man with a camera stopped me and asked me if I was an iPhone user (turns out he was from KRON 4). While I normally don’t stop to entertain random people on the street, I was intrigued about where he might go with this. I said, “Yeah I’m an iPhone user.” His response: “Did you hear about that new iPhone virus that’s supposed to be unleashed today – how does that make you feel?” I said, “Oh I think you’re talking about the SMS exploit. Yeah I think some researchers are going to explain how to do it today.” He fished on further and responded, “How does it make you feel that ANYONE could just TAKE OVER YOUR IPHONE with a TEXT MESSAGE?” I was like, “Um… well, it’s just a security hole that a researcher discovered. This happens a lot with all operating systems and usually the companies issue fixes pretty quickly.” He retorted, “There has been zero response from Apple and this is going to be a huge deal.” I said, “Okay.” He asked me if I wanted to share my feelings on camera – I said no and walked away. Anyhow, it’s pretty annoying how much the media will try and twist reality just to get some idiot on camera to say something ridiculous. More pics after the break.



Camera truck in front of Apple Store


"This girl looks dumb - I hope she says something retarded on camera!"

"I look so freaking cool with this camera on my shoulder... Now people will take me serial..."

"I look so freaking cool with this camera on my shoulder... Now people will take me serial..."

Apple Store Chestnut Street

Apple Store Chestnut Street

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